Another Epic NBA Finals Showdown

With the Cavalier blowout of the Celtics in game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, we are setup for another showdown of the heavyweights of the NBA.  A rematch of last year’s finals, the Cavaliers and Warriors will face off in what should be another good season finale series.  

The Warriors are the early favorites and that should be expected since they added one of the best players in the league this past off-season in Kevin Durant.  A somewhat unstoppable offense became even more than that, if that’s even possible.  The Cavs didn’t add quite the talent that the Warriors added, but did fill some holes and added a guy like Kyle Korver, whom at the very least can draw some attention from defenders that will open up space for LeBron, Kyrie, and Love. What the Cavs and LeBron were able to do last year was nothing about it remarkable, but if they are able to pull out a win this year, I don’t believe there can be any denying the unbelievable talent if LeBron James.  It seems as though no matter how much he accomplishes, he still has those out there that doubt how good he really is. Even without winning this year, I will still consider him the second greatest of all time behind Michael Jordan, but if he and the Cavs are able to pull this one off the discussion should get even more serious as to whom the greatest player of all time is.  My heart says the Cavs will win as I enjoy watching the greatest players ever reaching the ultimate pinnacle of their sport, but my mind says while LeBron is on the Cavs, the Warriors have so much tremendous talent that even he may not have enough to take them down.  In this situation however, I’m going with my heart, the Cavaliers will win in 7 games.  


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