2016 Playoff Predicitons Review

The Cleveland Indians took a 1-0 series lead last night on the back of a dominant start from former Cy Young winner Corey Kluber.  The Cubs were unable to even make solid contact for most of the night.  That being said, they still did a whole lot better than my preseason playoff predictions.  In fact, the Cubs were the only team I got right in terms of playoff seeding.  With regards to the correct picks to make the playoffs, I only got 5 out of the possible 10 teams correct (Cubs, Mets, Dodgers, Blue Jays and Red Sox).  My bold pick to make the playoffs, the Colorado Rockies, weren’t terrible but also not good enough.  The team I really missed on, however, was the Houston Astros.  I picked them to not only have the #1 seed in the American League but to also win the AL Pennant.  They underachieved however and missed the playoffs entirely by 5 games.   My only hope is the Chicago Cubs, which honestly was the easiest pick so that wasn’t much of an accomplishment.   Even being down 1-0, I still think the Cubs will find a way to win it all.  I think they will win game 2 and head to Chicago looking to win it in Chicago.  I think they do win it in Chicago, taking 4 straight.  And I couldn’t possibly be wrong, right?


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