Kobe’s Final Game

Kobe Bryant will take the court for the final time tonight at 10:30 PM against the Utah Jazz.  This has been a season to forget for Bryant and the Lakers as they are one of the worst teams in basketball.  Kobe has been resting more recently in anticipation of this final game and is expected to play considerable minutes.  I think being the competitor he is, he will want to go out with a great game so I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to score 40 points.  Also of note in this game, the Jazz actually have something to play for.  If they win tonight and the Rockets lose, the Jazz will make the playoffs.  So I think you can add that to Kobe’s motivation as well.  It may not be much but he can go out by eliminating a team from playoff contention.  It would be a positive send off for Bryant and the Lakers, seeing as how the team has struggled tremendously this season.  All that being said, I think the Jazz will come out and not let Kobe and company spoil their playoff hopes.  My prediction is that the Rockets will lose to the Kings, setting the Jazz up for a win-and-in scenario, and I think they win this game tonight by 10 plus points.

How do you guys think Kobe will play tonight?  Can the Lakers pull the upset?


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