Memo to Tony Dungy: Can you throw Kap a lifeline?!?

And the saga continues, Kap is still out of a job and critics still think Kap stinks.  Well, let’s see how well other QB’s fared in the opening weekend…. Colts QB Scott Tolzien went 9-18 for 128 yards and a pick six. Tom Savage went 7-13 for 62 yards before being benched in the second half. Mike Glennon went 26-40 for 213 yards. Josh McCown went 26-39 for 187, and what do they have in common?!? THEY ALL LOST THEIR GAMES!!! When will these owners come to realize that some of their QB’s just flat out stink, so what’s the … Continue reading Memo to Tony Dungy: Can you throw Kap a lifeline?!?

NFC South Preview: Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers will open their season with the $64 question in mind:  How to protect QB Cam Newton?  Last year, the Panthers played with a badly dinged up Cam Newton and his stats fell way off from his 2015 season where they went 15-1 in the regular season thus losing to what was the end of the Peyton Manning’s career and the Denver Broncos.  There was speculations whether he was targeted and was trying to knock him out of the game. The RB position was thin last year and the front office made it a top priority to give … Continue reading NFC South Preview: Carolina Panthers

AFC West Preview: Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs will try to pick up where they left off last season (with the exception of the AFC Divisional Game) and that’s win the division and get to the AFC title game but the AFC West division has just gotten a lot tougher. 1. The return of Raiders QB Derek Carr 2. Beast Mode! Both are a part of the Chiefs’ hated rival.  The Chiefs are looking to the future with Patrick Mahomes however Alex Smith remains in the driver seat and his tires are going bald.  The Chiefs also drafted Kareem Hunt to coincide the QB so the … Continue reading AFC West Preview: Kansas City Chiefs